AHDA and the EU

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It would probably not be a surprise to learn that the UK is somewhat unique within EU circles. For the prescribing of veterinary medicines the UK has multiple distribution channels (Ireland has something similar). These distribution channels enable veterinary medicines to be prescribed by vets, pharmacists and suitably qualified people (SQPs).

This multi channel distribution is one of the valued elements for AHDA and over the years we have had to defend this principle, long and hard. The battle over the past couple of years has been intense with the likelihood, at times, that new veterinary medicines legislation would prevent the UK from operating this valued distribution system. Working with partners in the animal health world AHDA has been working in the corridors of power within the UK to help ensure that the system that we have remains in place. This was irrespective of any time scale for the UK leaving the EU.

AHDA has committed a great deal of time and resource to battle over the last period of time and the positive news currently is that the veterinary medicine legislation is wording in such a way that the UK will continue to be able to operate the multi channel distribution. We continue to keep a very close eye on this and can assure everyone that if anything should look to change the current position, AHDA will be back in to battle mode on behalf of the UK animal health industry.

During these meetings and support from a range of organisations AHDA was pleased to learn of the position of the BVA in regard to SQPs in that their position on Anthelmintic use is that they recognise the role of SQPs in prescribing Anthelmintic products in the UK. This is evidence of a closer working relationship and understanding between Vets and the SQP sector and one that we can certainly build on.