AHDA Milestones

ATTACK 1990 EU draft directive to convert many or most of PML medicines (now POM-VPS and NFA-VPS) to prescription only
DEFEND From AHDA lobbying and support of the Kidd Report in 1992, the amendment was altered to enable sales to continue
ATTACK 2002 EU directive that all member states must only sell to food-producing animals animal medicines with a veterinary prescription
DEFEND A new structure was agreed coupled to elevated training requirements for all qualified staff to sell and prescribe animal medicines from the former PML classification, supported by the Marsh Report
2005 AHDA submits research and conclusions to VMD on re- classification of POM medicines Companion animal, large animal and pets have all benefited from several re-classification medicines resulting in further securing the future viability of animal health distributors whilst offering animal owners greater choice, competition, availability and imaginative pricing
2010 AHDA formed a stakeholder group to overturn the EU ban onĀ imports of Colostrum from outside EU. A directive was agreed and adopted ahead of the main period of use
2013 AHDA, with widespread support from other organisations, refuted a call from BVA to classify all anthelmintics as vet only. AHDA since then has started working with BVA on improving prescribing protocols for anthelmintics from vets pharmacists and SQPs. AHDA also briefed successfully MEPs and EU Commission on our distribution system ahead of an expected review of the current EU animal medicines directive