AMTRA compulsory modules for Farm Animal SQPs

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The background
To ensure that all farm animal SQPs continue to provide a professional and knowledgeable service in the fight against anthelmintic resistance AMTRA have prepared a new series of compulsory modules that address wormer resistance and parasite control, addressing areas that are now enhanced for newly qualified SQPs in the farm animal exam. The modules are broken down into different elements and consist of around 4 hours of course content in total. The intention is to enhance the knowledge of wormer resistance for each farm animal SQP and coincides with the reclassification of Zolvix.

Are they Compulsory?
Yes, every farm animal SQP will need to complete the new modules in order to stay registered.

How can I access the new modules?
The new compulsory modules will be available through CPD regional events and by online modules that will provided by AMTRA.

CPD Regional Events
With this Newsletter are details of the current CPD regional events that are co organized between AHDA and AMTRA. At these events the farm animal sessions that take place on each evening will be dedicated to providing some of the new compulsory modules. Spaces are still available for all dates.

Online modules
AMTRA are in the final stages of offering online modules of the compulsory modules. SQPs will be informed as soon as these can be accessed.

How many CPD will be awarded?
The CPD points for these modules are based on 8 points for each hour of training undertaken. If the full 4 hours is completed there will be 32 points awarded. If an SQP already has the points requirement for the 2015/2017 period, the points will be awarded to the 2017/2019 points allocation.

What is the time scale to take the new modules?

The initial information that has been released from AMTRA is that all SQPs must have taken the new modules by September 30th 2017. AHDA are in discussion with AMTRA to see if this deadline might be extended to help ensure that all SQPs have the opportunity to complete the new modules. However, all farm animal SQPs are encouraged to start the process now through the AHDA/AMTRA roadshow.

What happens if an SQP fails to complete the new modules?
If a farm animal SQP fails to complete the new modules AMTRA has the authority to remove the farm animal element of that SQPs qualification and they would be prohibited from prescribing farm animal veterinary medicines until they had satisfied AMTRA that they had fulfilled all relevant requirements. AMTRA has no intention to require anyone to sit an exam; it is the CPD that is required.

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