Farm Animal CPD Important Update

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New AMTRA compulsory CPD modules for up-skilling of farm animal SQPs regarding prescribing of anthelmintic – update on deadline date.

AHDA has been informed through AMTRA that the deadline for all farm animal SQPs has now been rescheduled and will now be the 31st January 2018.

The information had been sent from Paul Green at the VMD set out some clear criteria for AMTRA to follow and included the following as part of their letter to AMTRA;

“Considering the importance of this training, and the magnitude of the associated sanctions for non-completion, we consider that SQPs should be afforded sufficient time to complete these modules at an appropriate pace and encourage reflection on their learning after each module. Therefore, we are prepared to agree an extension to the deadline for completion to 31 January 2018. This period also incorporates the annual AHDA conference which could be used to further promote and conclude this initiative”.

As a condition of this extension, the VMD require that:

• all four CPD modules will be available online by 31 August 2017 at the very latest;
• this new deadline of 31 January 2018 will be communicated to all SQPs and their employers;
• the same sanctions for failure to complete all the modules and associated test will apply i.e. result in removal of the farm-animal component of the individual SQP’s registration with immediate effect.

All four modules are now available through the AMTRA web site. SQPs can access the site by using their SQP number (starting with a capital Q) as the user name and password.

Each module has a video that is monitored to ensure that the whole video is viewed by each SQP before the questions are asked. Each SQP will only be awarded the full 8 points if they watch the whole video and then correctly answer the required amount of questions.

Farm Animal CPD Regional Events
Now that all 4 modules are available AHDA is looking to arrange a number of workshop type events across the UK. This would enable SQPs to attend and take all four modules together in a group format. AHDA would also encourage companies to arrange similar type events, hosted by an approved AMTRA presenter, e.g. Company Vet, Animal health professional, The Moredun.

All farm animal SQPs are encouraged to start the process now and not leave it to the last minute.