Useful Conference 2018 Information

Thank you for your booking for the AHDA Conference and Exhibition. We look forward to welcoming you along to the event.

Conference Timings
The AHDA exhibition starts at 10.30am on Wednesday 17th January with speaker sessions starting at 11.30am. On the Thursday 18th all the exhibition and speaker sessions start at 9.00am. Full programme details can be found here

All delegates at the AHDA Conference have car parking as part of the conference package, subject to availability. Each delegate will need to log into the hotel web site below and enter the code below. This will then log in your car registration so that it is recognised at the barrier of the car park on entry and exit.
Hotel car parking web site link . Enter code QTYJC

Conference arrangements
In a change for 2018 the AHDA Conference, registration will be by entering the Hotel by the main reception. The AHDA registration desk will be immediately next to the main Hotel reception desks.
For those who have booked accommodation we will also have Hotel staff assisting with room bookings. The rooms will not be available until around 5pm, so we have made provision for a luggage store. Luggage can then be collected along with a room key from 5pm onwards.

For the 2018 event the room layout has changed to make all of the speaker rooms easily accessible to the main exhibition hall. The Exhibition Hall will be directly linked to the main speaker room by the Kings Crush tunnel which this year the tunnel is kindly being sponsored by Elanco.

Wi–Fi at the Conference
Wi-Fi will be available at the Hotel during the two days of the AHDA Conference. The Wi-Fi complimentary code will be set-up for all public areas and in the conference room.
The code is ahda18.

Obtaining CPD points
Each delegate will be issued with an audience responder that allows each delegate to answer questions put up on screen during each presentation over both days. Each delegate will be linked to an individual responder that will record your response and act as proof that you were attending each presentation. Following the AHDA Conference we will inform AMTRA of the sessions that each delegate attended. It will be the responsibility of each delegate to return the Audience responder back to the organisers at the end of the event. Failure to do so will result in a charge to the individual.

Multi Bookings
If you have made bookings on behalf of a number delegates and used a single email address can you please forward on this information.

For any late bookings we still have capacity to register delegates for both the one day and two day packages here.