Workshop on Sustainable Anthelmintic Usage

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We would like to invite you to a workshop on sustainable usage of anthelmintics for roundworm control in sheep at the Moredun Research Institute on 15th February 2017.

This workshop is being jointly run by Moredun and SRUC and aims to bring together people from each of the key groups involved including farmers, veterinary surgeons, consultants, scientist and SQPs. Its purpose is to identify issues affecting control practices that may be known by one group but not by others, and by discussing them determine what new actions might be taken to improve the management of roundworms.

The workshop will consist of a morning session based around a case study followed after lunch by a more focussed discussion on a number of associated topics. After the workshop there will be an opportunity to see around the parasitology lab and discuss current research projects.

The workshop will begin at 10.30am and be finished by 3.30pm at the latest. Lunch and refreshments will be provided – tea/coffee will be available from 10am.

Your expertise would be greatly appreciated at this workshop and if you can attend or have any questions about it please contact (Tel 0131 535 4441).