Membership Benefits

Within the animal health industry AHDA is the only trade body that has the broad membership, as set out above, and as such is able to represent the industry at a wide range of organisations, associations and bodies. These are regional, national and within Europe. One of the battles AHDA has been at the forefront with is defending the right of distributor members to prescribe veterinary medicines. There was a threat within the EU that all veterinary medicines should only be prescribed through vets practices. If this was the case it would not only put specially trained individuals out of a job but foot fall through all of the distributor members would be drastically reduced as they would then not be selling 80% of the animal prescription only medicines. This in turn would impact on other sales through these outlets. AHDA has campaigned and lobbied within the EU corridors of power and fought to a successful conclusion.

All AHDA members can attend AHDA training at no costs and attend the AHDA conference at special rates. Through the training and the AHDA Conference it gives companies the added opportunity to network with other AHDA member companies.

AHDA has around 300 companies who are members and range from a husband and wife team up to UK wide companies like Pets at Home. Individually any individual AHDA member would not have the power and influence that AHDA currently has. AHDA gets a seat at the table at the following organisations and speaks on behalf of the AHDA membership.

AHDA has a board member place on the following;

  • Responsible Use of Medicine in agriculture Alliance – RUMA

  • Animal Medicine Regulatory Authority – AMTRA

AHDA is represented on the following bodies;

  • Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep – SCOPS

  • Control of Worms Sustainably – COWS

  • Sheep health and welfare group – SHWAG

  • Cattle health and welfare group – CHAWG

AHDA has regular face to face with the Veterinary Medicine Directorate – VMD

A valuable package

  • Represent views and lobbying for AHDA members through ongoing representation at all levels of animal health and welfare meetings and organisiations.
  • Promote and protect member’s interests through standing together as an trade Association to help influence future policy and regulation.
  • Having a seat at the table at the highest levels to get an understanding of potential future policy and regulation
  • Regular communication and information through newsletters and by representation from the AHDA Council
  • Attendance at AHDA organized CPD at no costs
  • Reduced rates for full attendance at the AHDA Conference (FOC for second day only delegates)
  • Complimentary membership of The Moredun Institute for latest information and updates
  • Access to the Croner 24/7 Business support helpline for HR, employment law and health and safety
  • Promote and support/oppose legislation affecting trade within the UK and EU
  • AHDA members get special rates with tailored insurance cover needed for the prescription and sale of animal medicines. Contact Stephen Hughes on
  • Encourage training of those employed in the trade, primarily the SQP sector
  • Maintain and enhance the reputation of AHDA members
  • Undertake means or settling disputes between members